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About Lamoneda

Lamoneda is coming up with a project to disrupt, revolutionize and sanitize the event ticketing industry by employing the potency of the blockchain and ethereum technology to develop a SmartTicket system for all events held near you.

The project is being developed to provide a peer-to-peer, decentralized platform where SmartTickets carry special properties which are meticulous in smart contracts, that are not available on any centralized traditional event management ticket sales system.

Our vision at LaMoneda is to excel at providing global platform wherein event ticketing FRAUD is  ELIMINATED in its entirety, so that everyone is able to purchase tickets at a fair price, for their choices of events. 

LaMoneda will be a transparent and accountable event ticketing system that will provide additional benefits to event organizers/hosts, artists, fans etc.

Why Use Lamoneda?

We are keenly interested in the event ticketing industry and we aim to make this industry better by employing the service of blockchain technology via the Lamoneda platform.

The Lamoneda platform keeps the process of buying/selling an event ticket clean and simple for everyone involved.

We aim to provide a transparent platform that holds no surprises for clients and customers when it comes to pricing and exchange of service. There are no tricksters when it comes to Lamoneda.

This makes Lamoneda a user – friendly platform that keeps the process of purchasing a ticket as simple and clean as possible for all parties involved.

Crowd Distribution
Mobile App Protocol
Our Tokens
What is Lamoneda Coin?
Lamoneda is a decentralized blockchain token network that powers and engineers a unique smart contract ticketing system also known as SmartTickets. Lamoneda aims to solve the problems with current event ticketing systems available today, with providing the benefits of decentralization derived from the blockchain technology.
Ticket Counterfeiting
Instant sell-outs
Ticket touting, also known as ticketing fraud, is believed to be a multibillion-dollar market. Also, online ticket fraud continues to rise annually.
Instant Sell-outs
When general tickets for an event becomes available for sale, scalpers are known to device every means necessary to snatch these tickets off the primary market only to be resold in the secondary market at a ridiculously higher price.
High Mark-ups
Overpriced Resale Tickets
The activities of scalpers in the event ticketing industry have led to the incessant rise in ticket pricing due to greed and monopolistic profit approach.
Overpriced Resale Tickets
Scalped tickets are being resold, on secondary markets for an outrageous price, this is slowly degrading the event industry.
Timeline Discount
Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Our Team
Ger Benne
Marketing Director
Ali Saleh
Collins Oronsaye
Quebec Ehi
Project Manager
Arriane Rice
Customer Service
Sal Saleh
4net Interactive BV
In charge of development 4net Interactive BV
Our Advisors
Steve McCullah
Martin Hasper
01 ICO's Evaluated
Adrian Brathwaite
Chetan (Chez) Darji
Glino Karjadi
Dev Team
Manish Giri
Zenos Pavlakou
Lamoneda Roadmap
2017 Q4
The Idea of Lamoneda
2018 Q1
Release of the Whitepaper 1.0
2018 Q2
Presale - We decided to launch the presale to raise the initial funds needed to bring this idea to life.
2018 Q3
Crowdsale and Distribution of the Coin
2018 Q3
Development of the MONEDA Protocol that enables the control of sales and trade between ticket holders from the moment the first ticket is sold until the last ticket is scanned. Every ticket is created uniquely.
2018 Q4
The Beta versions of our App will be released.This will allow the users to test for any bugs and give us feedback.
2018 Q4
The final release of the App to the General Public
2018 Q4
Desktop Application Client. This will enable the user to access our Product and Services from a desktop.
2019 Q1
Exchange Interface.This will enable our users to exchange LMDA token to any other cryptocurrency for event ticket purchase.
2019 Q2
Our first SmartTicket on the Blockchain. We will be creating our own event to test our products across Europe.
2019 Q2
Lamoneda Database will hold necessary data of users. ie: event information and ticket history.
2019 Q3
Multiple events throughout Europe and Africa.
2019 Q3
Our own Promotional platform.
2019 Q4
New Roadmap.

Lamoneda App

Integrated Ticket Exchange
We have a ticket exchange integrated on our app, this makes it possible for users to buy and sell tickets and also exchange the LMDA token for any other currency of their choice.
Multiple Payment Gateways
As a user of the LamonedaCoin, you are entitled to use any of the multiple payment gateways available on our platform.
Ticket Transferability
This enables a user to easily transfer tickets purchased for an event to another user without any form of hitch or stress.

Moneda Protocol

No Paper Ticket
Ticket purchasers can attend any of our event with just their mobile phones instead of using a paper ticket.
Take Control
No more overpriced tickets by the reseller, a fixed markup percentage is programmed inside the tickets to avoid high markups on the secondary market.
Ticket Condition
In a case of ticket transferability, the transferred ticket still upholds the same condition.

Payment Processing

Our payment processing system is designed in such a unique way that Event goers, individuals, and others can purchase these SmartTickets directly on the Lamoneda network through a variety of payment gateways.

In order to make LMDA token distribution process more efficient, the LMDA price will now be linked to ETH:

Presale 1 LMDA = 0.00005 ETH /$0.02
Crowdsale 1 LMDA = 0.00007 ETH /$0.03

Fund Distribution

  • 500 million Token
  • 362.5 million Token sale
  • 10 million Hard Cap
  • ETH 0.00007 - Coin price

Token Distribution

  • 72.5% Distributed to Community
  • 18% Reserved Funding
  • 7.1% Founders and Team
  • 1.2% Airdrop
  • 1.2% “Bounty” campaign
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to create an account
to buy tokens?
No, you don’t. For security reasons and to keep everyone’s investment safe, we send your tokens to your personal wallet. You are responsible for the security of your tokens and your personal wallet. All Tokens are LOCKED and can not be traded until the end of the coin distribution.
How to buy LMDA tokens?
In order to participate in the LamonedaCoin token sale, you need to have an ETH wallet. If you do not have one, create your personal ethereum wallet by following directions from the official website
We only accept Ethereum (ETH) Bitcoin (BTC) (APL) Visa and Mastercard.
How do I create a wallet?
Check out recommendations from MyEtherwallet official site
What are these addressed for?
This address is what you will use to make the payment. If you need any help you can always join our telegram and ask all the questions you have.
Can I pay via exchange?
YES! Payments from personal ETH wallet. For example Imtoken, MyetherWallet, etc. You will receive your tokens automatically after the payment is confirmed.
Payments with Visa, Mastercard, BTC, APL or via Exchange wallets, will be credited manually, up to 24hrs.
When will I get my tokens?
Once the transaction is completed, the corresponding amount of tokens will be allocated to your personal wallet the same wallet you used in sending the ETH. After the payment has been processed, it may take time for the transaction to be completed. Please note that transaction confirmation time depends on how busy the network is at the time of your payment.
Credit Cards Payment will be processed manually
For more information please JOIN OUR TELEGRAM
Who cannot participate
You have to be 18 years, and above.
We are SORRY but the following countries cannot participate: China, Singapore or North Korea.
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